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Who is Samraa Luqman

Luqman is a member of the statewide PFAS Alliance, the Environmental Health Research to Action Steering Committee, and the Clean Air Council. She regularly presents about the effects and existence of PFAS in our air and waters to residents and stakeholders. She is currently one of 36 community liaisons selected nationally to represent Michigan with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


Luqman participates regularly in commission meetings on recreation, city planning, zoning, educational advocacy, city council meetings, and study sessions impacting local residents. She meets with local and national-level public officials regularly to address resident needs and has been instrumental in implementing changes throughout Dearborn.


Sam has been a public servant since she was a child. Her first job was actually volunteering at the VA Medical Center in Lake City, FL, where she earned the award for volunteering the most hours in the summer of 1994. She is the only candidate to sit on the boards and steering committees for countless nonprofit organizations and entities. These include: Friends of the Rouge, the Concerned Residents for South Dearborn, the Interfaith Community Center [Task Force] of Dearborn, the Clean Air Council, the Environmental Health Research to Action, the American Yemeni Women’s Association, the Ecology Center’s Air Sensor Learning Collaborative Sam further serves others by being a pro-bono advocate for families with students with disabilities who cannot afford an attorney or other advocate. She is serving as a community on the  Green Schoolyards Initiative and bringing thousands of dollars to develop our schools. Sam’s life is a testament to what public service is all about.


Public service is in her DNA.

Serving others has been something in Sam’s family for generations. Her great uncle Hamza Luqman was the only trusted translator and interpreter by the US Embassy in the entire country of Yemen for nearly 2 decades, helping the US Government and the people of Yemen processing their immigration paperwork. Her grandfather, Ali Luqman, believed in freedom of press and the power of media and created the first newspaper in Aden, Fatat Alyemen. Her father, Major Dr Wijdan Luqman, served in the US Military and worked at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center until his death. Her mother, Samira Alasbahi, founded the first of its kind nonprofit to serve and empower Yemeni American women in 2002, which Sam also helped found and served on the Board of Directors for 7 years. No other candidate can say the same.




Sam is an advocate for social and environmental justice. She has spent over a decade fighting corporate polluters, environmental racism, and discriminatory policies that leave underrepresented communities out of policy and decision-making conversations. She is dedicated to ensuring that all voices are heard and that the most vulnerable are educated and advocated for.


Sam is the only candidate to have actually done the work of replacing gray infrastructure with green infrastructure by bringing hundreds of trees to Southeastern Michigan and rain gardens through her work with Friends of the Rouge and the only candidate to hold corporate polluters accountable, as she has been doing through her work on a supplemental environmental project.


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Making a difference begins with you!  Sign up now and join a movement for change and accountability! #SAM4STATEREP





Lansing has no learning curve.

We cannot afford to put our district into the hands of someone who can’t keep up with seasoned politicians from across the state.

We need someone who will be ready on Day 1.

We need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable on how our laws and government work.

We need Sam Luqman.



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