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Samraa Luqman is a Yemeni-American from the southeastern area of Dearborn (commonly known as the "South End"); born to Dr. Wijdan Luqman, a Korean War Army veteran who served as the Chief of Medicine in the Department of Veteran Affairs until his death, and Samira Alasbahi, one of the first female Yemeni-American activists in her community. 

Luqman's first job was a volunteer at the Lake City VA Medical Center at age of 12, followed by tutoring with the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services. She went on to work in the public schools while completing her Bachelor's in Psychology at the University of Michigan and now works in social services with the federal government. In her 20's, Luqman became a Board Member and Secretary of the American Yemeni Women's Association. It was around this time she noticed a multitude of community members becoming ill with cancers, asthma, and other illnesses attributable to pollution and became more specifically involved in environmental injustice, speaking at Commmunity meetings and town halls.

In 2019, she joined the Environmental Health Research to Action Steering Committee, which educates High Schoolers about the impacts of pollution, and the PFAS Alliance shortly thereafter. By 2020, Luqman also joined the Clean Air Council and presented to multiple audiences the effects and existance of PFAS in both our air and waters. 


Luqman's latest affiliation are with the Concerned Residents for South Dearborn. She has also worked with the University of Michigan's Environmental Interpretive Center and Friends of the Rouge to raise awareness on the environmenta issues of the South End. Her most recent endeavors include providing input on the enactment and enforcement of a Fugitive Air Dust Ordinance, fighting for cumulative health impact studies , and partnering with organizations, universities, and other entities to add greenspace, trees, and rain gardens to the area.

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