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“I’ve never been a politician,” Luqman said. “What makes me the best candidate is that I truly care about the people. That’s what democracy is, for the people by the people. I have heart and I’ve always stuck out for people. That’s what I have to offer.”


  • I oppose large grow facilities in our residential areas (150 feet from homes, schools, and churches)

  • I am and have been advocating for speed humps to control the recent racing and reduce the number of accidents, which are raising our auto insurance rates.

  • I want increased neighborhood policing and stationing police in targeted areas as well.

  • I am for reducing operational costs in order to reduce the high property taxes.

  • I helped save the City's last 3 pools.

  • I brought funding for an additional splash pad to the City.

  • I am a proponent of green infrastructure changes to alleviate flooding, reduce pollution, and benefit the City's aesthetics and increase the resident's home values.

  • I am a participant in the committee for Dearborn's Healthy Streets initiative.

  • I was instrumental in bringing 250 trees in the last year alone through grants and in partnership with nonprofits.

  • I have held the corporate polluters accountable by filing suit for the enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

  • I've created a supplemental environmental project for the resulting settlement that would provide over 1100 homes with clean air.

  • I was one of 3 residents that negotiated with the City in the creation of the Fugitive Air Dust Ordinance.

  • I'm currently advocating for an Anti-Idling Ordinance. 

  • I've presented to University of Michigan graduate students, MI's Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy employees, the National Academies for Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the Clean Air Council, and the general public on issues of environmental justice, PFAS contamination, the importance of language in achieving EJ, and have helped in the completion of and am listed as a co-author on multiple research projects.

  • I have experience in finance, social services, nonprofits, and the schools.

  • I support the reopening of more libraries across the City with a focus on technology.

  • I believe in accountability-holding the administration accountable for the proposals and budgets they introduce.

  • I believe in unity.

  • I believe in uplifting our youth and each other.

  • I believe in streamlining our Building and Safety Department's permitting and inspections to reduce red tape and make it easier for new business owners to open up shop in Dearborn.

  • I believe in holding the Recreation Department accountable for where it spend our funds


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