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Samraa Luqman grew up in Dearborn. Both her parents were public servants who had a profound impact on her life and career choice. Her father, was a Major in the US Army and the Chief of Medicine in the Department of Veterans Affairs until his passing. Luqman credits him with her first public service opportunity, as a volunteer at the Lake City VA Medical Center when she was just 12 years old. 

Luqman’s mother was a parent liaison in Dearborn Public Schools where she spent her career supporting and advocating for families. Luqman and her mother established a non-profit in the early 2000s, which Luqman became a Board Member and Secretary of, providing services, empowering women, offering a variety of community classes, and partnering with the University of Michigan to create a work-study program and increase employment opportunities. Luqman simultaneously worked in the public and charter schools for 5 years as she completed her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Michigan. As the years passed, Luqman saw a need for educating families with students with disabilities of their rights and independently studied and became a probono advocate for students with special needs in the school system. 


She additionally worked in public service for over ten years as a civilian employee with the federal government; at the Census, at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and at the Social Security Administration where she learned about union rights through the American Federation of Government Employees.


Luqman is a member of the statewide PFAS Alliance, the Environmental Health Research to Action Steering Committee, the Friends of the Rouge, and the Clean Air Council. She regularly presents about the effects and existence of PFAS in our air and waters to residents and stakeholders. She is currently one of 36 community liaisons selected nationally to represent Michigan with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. She is also involved in obtaining a supplemental environmental project for violations of the Clean Air Act committed by the local steel mill. She is heavily involved in Ordinance and legislation advocacy to ensure clean air and water to people as a basic human right, and has been heavily involved in bringing green infrastructure, including hundreds of trees and several rain gardens to motivate the impacts of climate change through her work with Friends of the Rouge. 


Luqman participates regularly in commission meetings on recreation, city planning, zoning, educational advocacy, city council meetings, and study sessions impacting local residents. She meets with local and national-level public officials regularly to address resident needs and has been instrumental in implementing changes throughout her home town of Dearborn. She has called for expanded voting rights by publicly calling on elected officials to provide translated ballots and prevent the consolidation of precincts. She has spoken on issues of social justice in our schools, specifically against pathways/ pipelines to prison, discriminatory hiring practices, and for the need for adequate representation of minorities in government. 

It is with this depth of knowledge, experience, and history that Luqman hopes to continue her history of public service and utilize her longstanding experience in advocacy in politics.

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