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Lansing has no learning curve.

We cannot afford to put our district into the hands of someone who can’t keep up with seasoned politicians from across the state.

We need someone who will be ready on Day 1.

We need someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in how our laws and government work.

We need Sam Luqman.


Sam understands firsthand the struggles that parents, students, teachers, and administrators feel in the schools, because she’s a stakeholder, and because she has decades-worth of experience fighting for you.
Not only is she a single mother of 2 young children, who are impacted by the challenges in our education system, but Sam is also the only candidate with more than 5 years experience working in the public school system, both inside the classroom and in administration. Additionally, Sam is the only candidate that has spoken on behalf of teachers and pushed for administrative transparency and accountability in our school systems. 
Moreover, Sam is a pro-bono advocate for families and students with special needs, English Language Learners, for equity and social justice, and for our children in general. This advocacy didn’t start when she put her name on a ballot. It started over 20 years ago. 

“The first time I ever went to any type of public meeting was at a school board meeting when I was 16 years old regarding racial justice in our high school.”

-Sam Luqman

In Classroom
Image by Fons Heijnsbroek


Sam will fight for infrastructure funding, safety for our schools, and uplifting our most vulnerable and marginalized populations.
Did you know that Sam is the only candidate to have worked in the schools and the federal government? 



Sam is the only candidate to have actually done the work of replacing gray infrastructure with green infrastructure by bringing hundreds of trees to Southeastern Michigan and rain gardens through her work with Friends of the Rouge and the Concerned Residents for South Dearborn. She is the only candidate to hold corporate polluters accountable, as she has been doing through her work with the Sierra Club and the CRSD on a supplemental environmental project with Cleveland Cliffs.
Sam is advocating for cumulative health impact studies, for a statewide fugitive dust ordinance, for mobile emissions standards, and for fines and penalties to go back to impacted communities.

Kids in Vegetable Farm
Colleagues Brainstorming


Sam is an advocate for social and environmental justice. She has spent over a decade fighting corporate polluters, environmental racism, and discriminatory policies that leave underrepresented communities out of policy and decision-making conversations. She is dedicated to ensuring that all voices are heard and that the most vulnerable are educated and advocated for.

“I’ve never been a politician,” Luqman said. “What makes me the best candidate is that I truly care about the people. That’s what democracy is, for the people by the people. I have heart and I’ve always stuck out for people. That’s what I have to offer.”

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